Why Should You Use A Bio Link Tool?

You might be wondering what all of this link in bio stuff is about. We’re here to help! In this article we’ll look at how to link in Instagram, discuss bio link tools and show you how to add a link to Instagram Stories.

Key takeaways:
  • You can only link once in most Social Networks – on your bio
  • A bio link tool allows you to house lots of links in once place
  • YouLinkTo is a free bio link tool
  • You can use a bio link tool to link to content from your Stories

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What is a bio link?

Let’s strip this right back, so we’re all starting from the same point. First up:

A bio link is the part of your profile that contains a link to a website, allowing curious visitors to find out more. On Instagram, you can change your bio link by clicking on your profile then selecting ‘Edit Profile’. The next view you see has an option for ‘Website’. This is where your bio link goes. Check it works by heading back to your profile and clicking it.

Underneath ‘Website’ you’ll see another box called ‘Bio’. You’d think this is where your bio link goes, but actually this box is for a line of text – either something about what you do, who you are or you can just use it to say “Find out more here:” and it will display above your bio link.

To find someone else’s bio, you can either click on their name above a post in your feed, or search for them. Once you’re on their Instagram profile you’ll see the bio link in the top third of the screen.


You'll find a bio link under the profile name on an Instagram bio. It's clickable!


One chance to link

You might have noticed lots of chat online about bio links, or people using the hashtag, #linkinbio. That’s because Instagram only allows you to place web links in one place: your bio. You can’t link from an individual post, or in a comment.

That causes a bit of frustration for individuals, brands and influencers online. Instagram’s algorithm no longer displays posts in a feed in chronological order. Instead, posts are judged by the algorithm for relevancy and by how much your followers have engaged with your posts in the past.

That means, with Instagram changing the visibility of your posts, you may have changed the bio link before your audience has discovered it. This is especially problematic for publications, brands and bloggers who are generating lots of content.


Bio link tools

In steps the bio link tool! It fixes that problem. Instead of having one web link which takes you to one piece of content, a bio links acts as one web link that takes you to multiple pieces of content.

YouLinkTo is a bio link tool – we give you a unique url to house everything on your own YouLinkTo page that you want to link to. You have a secure login to an admin page where you update the links that display, and hey presto you’re able to make sure that any post that mentions #linkinbio still has discoverable content.

From the one bio link, you are able to link to many places using YouLinkTo.


Instagram isn’t the only place for a bio link

Once you’ve created a YouLinkTo page, you can use it anywhere! Instagram isn’t the only place that allows you to have a bio link. You could also use it on:

  • A LinkedIn profile to link to your portfolio, previous work, email and social profiles
  • Your Tinder or Bumble profile!
  • Twitter bio to guide your audience to follow you across other platforms
  • Your business card
  • Posters and advertising
  • Your email signature
  • As your TikTok, Snapchat or Twitch bio link
  • As a link on your Whatsapp status


How to add a link to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a fun way to post really direct content that only lasts for 24 hours. Increasingly, people are using Instagram to watch Stories (which feel very authentic) rather than peruse their feed.

If you have 10,000 followers or more on Instagram, you get extra functionality which allows you to add a ‘Swipe Up’ to your Stories. A Swipe Up is a link that takes the Story viewer off-platform and to the piece of content you’re talking about.

However, most of us mere mortals do not have 10,000 followers, but we still have important content to link to! This is where your bio link comes in great use. You can add stickers or Gifs to your Story that say “link in bio” – it lets the viewer know that they can find your content by clicking on your profile.

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We hope that makes things a little clearer! We’re always building new features for YouLinkTo to help with sharing what’s important to you.


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