Creators Are Finding New Ways To Get Paid

Platforms like Patreon, OnlyFans, and YouLinkTo allow creators to make money directly from their followers

The age of the unattainable influencer is over. Instead, the rise of platforms like Patreon, and OnlyFans are making it profitable for digital creators to maintain close relationships with their followers. In 2021, anyone with a following can turn the personal content they are making for their audience into valid revenue streams through the help of new online tools.

In many ways, this is long overdue. Cultivating a community and maintaining online relationships is something influencers have been doing for free for over a decade. But now, more and more are charging directly for the content they know their followers are actually interested in, like exclusive videos, advice, and merch—and it’s paying off. Brand deals and sponsorships aren’t the only way to monetize anymore.

Last year, creator income on Patreon doubled, with platform users making a combined one billion dollars with video and podcast creators leading the charge. Over on OnlyFans, the platform says it’s paid out a total of three billion dollars to its creators, with Influencer Marketing Hub reporting that the average creator makes around $180 a month.

“Your follower goes through this journey of knowing you, liking you, and then trusting you,”

The rise in monetization tools may explain why Forbes reports reports that more than 50 million creators exist on Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and other social media platforms combined, with two million of those creators earning a full-time living from their work. The digital content industry is no longer a phenomenon, but a tried-and-true career path that continues to grow. With the power to make money directly from their supporters, creators are paving a new, more sustainable career path for the industry.

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